The TECH-Naissance BUMPERGUARD is an exciting new innovative product resulting from extensive Field, and Market testing in the area of rear bumper protection. The product was developed by the dedicated team of Engineers, and Industrial Designers at TECH-Naissance Inc., in New York City, to create the premier solution to rear bumper damage. Their objective was to produce the highest quality, durable product that incorporated several key elements:

1. Legitimate, impact protection for most sedans - See How it Works
2. Ease of functionality, light-weight, simple to attach - See Installation Demo
3. Sophisticated aesthetic, compatible with luxury sedans - Check your Model


The design concept was conceived in response to the increasing vulnerability of the rear bumpers of luxury sedans. Over time, rear bumpers have evolved into molded color- integrated covers that fit over a structural element. The dimensional strength is greater than the aesthetic plastic “skin” that covers it, hence the need for a solution that protects, yet does not detract from the overall appearance of the vehicle when the protective device is attached.

The TECH-Naissance BUMPERGUARD uses our U.S. Utility Patent Applied technology to create the ultimate solution. Using the “universal” hole pattern of domestic license plates, the TECH-Naissance BUMPERGUARD slides onto two posts that protrude from the lower holes of the plate in seconds. An integral handle helps you to guide the unit into place.

The durable ABS molded housing then uses a double cam-lock key mechanism to “lock “ the unit onto the posts, to prevent pilferage. The molded housing cantilevers over the rear bumper of the car, positioning the 2” impact-resistant foam pad directly over the area most vulnerable to parking impact. Weighing in at just over 1lb. the product is effortlessly positioned, and stored in your trunk. It’s sleek, sophisticated form of the design enhances the visual appearance of the unit, making it a welcome companion for all vehicle environments!


The TECH-Naissance BUMPERGUARD utilizes the finest, premium
engineering-grade materials to achieve its maximum impact-resistance, and advanced level functionality. The main housing, along with the custom license plate holder provided, are Injection-molded of durable ABS material, selectively etched, to create a finish that is both scratch-resistant, and resists dirt. The main housing attaches to an impact resistant 2” cross-linked polyethylene contoured foam pad, designed to take the impact, and cushion your rear bumper in virtually all conditions. The 2” pad is both water-resistant, and washable. Best of all…Made in the U.S.A. is proudly displayed on all packaging !