In creating TECH-Naissance BumperGuard we were committed to making our product superior on every level, from its functionality to its design and its ability to be handled easily by owners. We have lived up to our commitment, creating a rear bumper guard that not only protects your vehicle with a superior impact-resistant barrier but also looks great on your car and is lightweight and easy to install and remove.

On this page you can link to the installation method of your choice and we will show you step by step how our bumper guard works. Our bumper guards all come with a free license plate holder. You can choose to install the BumperGuard using the supplied license plate holder which replaces any existing frame holder or frame-less license plate. You can also choose to install the BumperGuard without using the supplied license plate holder and instead using your existing holder or license plate.

Installing your rear bumper protector is as easy as mounting the unit over the supplied license plate frame or the existing license plate and turning it to a locked position. Using the BumperGuard is easy and convenient, giving you the advantage of a superior car bumper protector without the difficulties associated with complicated assembly and installation.

The TECH-Naissance BumperGuard provides exceptional bumper protection that is within your control, helping you protect your vehicle in parking garages and on roads in a variety of situations. Why spend money on costly repair bills when there's a product that can save you money and save your car from the wear and tear of damage?

Our bumper guard design includes a 2" thick cushioned barrier that is impact-resistant and contained supported by in a scratch and dirt-resistant main housing for the ultimate in protective layers. Best of all, while offering superior functionality, the TECH-Naissance BumperGuard also provides the ultimate in visual appeal. Our Fit Selector allows you to choose the appropriate size rear bumper protector for your vehicle and we offer three versatile color selections that will complement your car.

If you have any questions about how the TECH-Naissance BumperGuard works, please feel free to email: